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Based on an agreement with the civil and geo engineering lab of the Artois university, Technogenese propose a new instrument to give access to mechanical properties of fresh building materials : the concrete tribometer.

This instrument has the unique capability of measuring the friction properties of fresh materials like concrete and release agent at formwork interface or stabilized soil. It’s also dedicated to granular materials and clays.

These properties can be very difficult to measure with other classic methods due to the challenge to manipulate a liquid sample. The construction of this instrument is based on the technology developed by the Civil and Geo Engineering Lab over the past ten years. It is to be manufactured by a collaborative effort between the Artois University and TechnoGenese. As an engineering company, TechnoGenese develops specific custom solutions to fit with special need, accessible by the state of the art, based on specific technical request.


In combination with these developements, TechnoGenese proposes a family of dynamical mechanical measurement systems, from the company Thelkin. These instruments use a servo electric technology which bring uncompromized capabilities between performance and a lower cost.